Wedding Reception Do’s & Don’ts

As another wedding season fast approaches, let’s face it, weddings aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. And with wedding expos every week, it’s easy to judge everything about the event from the bride’s dress to the napkin rings. But a night out is a night out, so check out my do’s and don’ts that’ll help ensure that you’re not the party pooper at the next nuptials you attend.

  Do’s and Don’ts

Do: dress up. This is the excuse you’ve been looking for to buy those far from work appropriate shoes or a fascinator.

Don’t: ignore the dress code. This isn’t a club, wearing the wrong thing won’t mean going home. It’ll mean having to stand out like a sore thumb for hours on end.

Do: pick out a great gift. Everyone has some sort of online registry set up these days, so you don’t have to worry about them tossing those kitchen towels because they picked ‘em.

Don’t: show up empty handed. Even if it’s your boyfriend’s third cousin, a picture frame will help counter balance the hefty weight of your food bill.

Do: feel free to cry. Love does that to us sappy folk, it’s cool.

Don’t: cry if it’s because you’ve realized how terribly alone you are. Weddings can do that to us sappy folk, so not cool.

Do: introduce yourself to other guests at your table. You already have the bride and groom in common, so strike up a conversation!

Don’t: consider you table guests your enemies. They’re not trying to finish the butter or wine before you get some, even if it feels that way.

Do: enjoy the food given to you. Formal sit down or buffet, this is a nice look at what the family hosting enjoys eating. Whether it’s your cup of tea or not, you know there’ll be cake.

Don’t: pig out to the point of pain. Yes, it’s free. Yes, they’ve even employed people to continue shoveling it on to your plate. But you won’t enjoy the rest of the wedding if you spend it in the bathroom, dying.

Do: admire the cake. No doubt, it costs more than your rent this month.

Don’t: use your fingers to sample the icing. Unless you’re three years old, no one will think it’s cute. Learn from my mistakes.

Do: have a couple of fancy drinks. Open bar or not, that flare bartender isn’t just there to gawk at.

Don’t: have to be told when to stop drinking. There’s always one uncle…

Do: dance the night away. Bands, DJs and wedding singers want to see people having fun and you need to work off dinner anyhow.

Don’t: challenge the bride to a dance off, unless you know she’ll be cool with it and it’ll end with you on your feet.

If you’re lucky, you’ll come away with a fancy bomboniere, a full stomach and a better understanding of the work involved to celebrate a union. If you’re unlucky, you might never be invited to a wedding again. But then again, if you need help enjoying one, that might be the best case scenario.

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